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    External PS/2 Keyboard??
    hey all,

    I find I'm a lot more productive on a standard keyboard than the built in macbook one. When I am at home, I have either a M$ Multimedia Keyboard, or a M$ Basic Keyboard (black).

    I bought a female PS/2 to male USB from eBay, and I tried to connect my keyboard and I am getting errors in XP (via bootcamp). I haven't tried under mac os x yet but I would imagine I would get similar errors too.

    I tried installing some drivers from the M$ website, but that does not help at all. I still get an unrecognized USB device error. I don't care which keyboard I get working if that helps anyone too.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas....

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    I had similar trouble converting a USB mouse to PS2 on another computer i own, but the moral of the story is that it probably would be worth it to buy a usb keyboard. The errors that come up are something hardware related preventing the keyboard from being fully recognized since XP is plug and play with devices like keyboards and mice typically. One possible thing to try though, if you haven't, is to boot the computer up with the keyboard connected since PS2 keyboards are not always plug and play, but I doubt that would improve the situation. Any standard decent USB keyboard should work under XP and OS X, so that may be your best option. Good luck!

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    hmm thanks for the reply...

    the thing was that I had 3 spare, brand new keyboards lying around at home, and didn't want to go buy another keyboard just for this task.... I'll see what any other people have to say. Thanks again.

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    you may be interested to know that the microsoft multimedia keyboard actually lights up (the function lock light) under os x, but I can't get any keys to work as yet.... if anyone knows where I can find any more information that would be great!

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    one of the reasons that I got the MBP was because the keyboard is so awesome to type on...I still use an external mouse, though, if I'm going to be working on it for a long period of time.

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