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Thread: Clean Screen?

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    Clean Screen?
    I'm new to both laptops and macs! So here's a general maintenance question that isn't very Apple centric... what are people using to keep both their MBP looking great and what does one use to keep the screen looking clear and great? Again, sorry for the noobishness but I wanted to get the deal from you guys here first!

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    What screen do you have? (Matte/Glossy)

    I have the matte screen and use iKlear. You can get it at any Apple store for around $20. It works on the whole computer, not just the screen. I love it.

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    ill second iKlear, it works like a charm.

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    hmmm, I don't live near an Apple Store so I'll have to start searching for someplace that maybe sells that iJuice. I was waiting for people to start telling me about their homebrewed concoctions and me being very afraid thanks and I'll start my search

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    Warm water on a thick soft cotton or microfiber clother works fine for most screen smudges. For the bad stuff I use iClean but I'm not sure that is still sold, so iKlear should be good.

    For the rest of the computer I find that Mr. Clean Magic erasers works great, however a bit of warm water works good here. Just don't overdo it, only enough to get your cloth damp.

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    Diluted dishwashing soap works. Just put some on a cotton cloth to apply, and don't make it too wet. Use another cloth to dry.

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    Cleaning a MacBook pro
    I use a Jessops Lens cloth (a heavy duty lens cloth).

    I touch the tip of a washing up liquid bottle to get some of the liquid on my finger.

    I then put some luke warm water into an egg cup and rub my washing up liquid finger in the water to put the miniscule ammount of washing up liquid into the water.

    Then I fold up my lens cloth to make a 2" diameter rubbing area and rub some of the solution onto it. I don't dip it in as I don't want the lens cloth to be saturated for fear of some of the solution running on the laptop into crevaces and such.

    For the screen:

    I rub the solution lightly onto the screen until I see it has gone onto the screen. I then turn the cloth over to a dry area and buff the liquid off.

    Small circular motions work best and I never force dirt off, I just continue to rub lightly until the mark has gone.

    For the Body:

    Same as above except I rub a little harder.

    I have a matte screen and it works fine.

    I have seen some dirty dirty Apple laptops and often want to take them away and make them look clean

    I have found screen wipes are horrendous and leave more streaks than they remove. That goes for the screen and body. I suggest use a seperate dry cloth and apply some form of liquid to it for best results
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    i just use iKlear....and try to never touch the screen so i dont mark it up.
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    melmation, was that a joke? that was the most ridiculously detailed explanation of cleaning i've heard in my entire life hahah

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    So far I'm noticing that it really doesn't take much touching to mark this bad boy up. The screen just gets a little "electronics fuzz" on it, which I expect but the body gets marks and smudges on it like mad.

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    well detailed and interesting melmation, i am printing copies of your detailed summary as I type and will soon be laminating the copies and to create travel size versions. ---- appreciate the description though, seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PunkRockTuba View Post
    ill second iKlear, it works like a charm.
    I agree. I just used it on both my iMac and MacBook yesterday. Worked fantastic!

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