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    I have a new macbook with the individual keys instead of the old mat keyboard. The otherday I spilled lemonade on some of the keys and it has become a pain to type. I was wondering if there are any solutions other than send it back to Mac and have them take off the top and clean each key individually.

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    Find an online take-apart guide and clean them your self, its easy and will save you time.

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    MacBook,2Ghz CD,1.5GBRAM,100GBHD,SL.PowerbookG4 12"1Ghz,768MbRAM,40GBHD,Leopard.imac G3 400Mhz,10.4 will show you how. There is a screw in between the two sticks of RAM that I could not unscrew on mine(don't tell apple i done fiddled with my gear)! I had to give up and put it all back together. One screw stoped me from geeky bliss. Anyway, hope you have better luck!

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