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    7 hard drive chrashes in 4 months
    Ok, so i bought my new MacBook Pro in January and i have been screwed ever since. The day i opened it out of the box it wouldn't turn on. I sent it back and the hard drive crahsed three more times before they sent me a brand new MacBook. That one crashed 3 times before last night when it crashed for an 7th. To add insult to injury, my friend plugged his identicle MacBook into my power adapter and 2 hours later he had the flashing question mark just like mine.

    Up until now i've been pretty understanding with apple, but i'm a college student and having this many hard drive crashes has made me loose over a month of notes. Consequently my grades are starting to drop because i keep having to send it in. Best part is that Finals start next week and i now no longer have a personal computer. If i was in highschool this wouldn't be a problem, but making a C in biology will kill my chances of getting into medical school.

    Now, the apple people keep telling me to backup my files....but honestly, i can't back them up every fifteen minutes like this computer requires. I'm offically upset now and i have no idea where to go from here. I need a computer and would hate to go to windows... but i might have to.

    According to the apple website, , you should get a Mac because "it just works." My college career and I beg to differ.

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    Are you being careful with it? That much damage might be because it's getting knocked around. Your power supply may also be faulty if your friends MB went too.

    Bear in mind that just because you are having these problems doesn't mean Apple are the spawn of Satan or anything.

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    haha, i dont' think apple is the spawn of satan. I just think i'm getting hosed and by now things should have been fixed.

    As for if it has been abused...It was carried to class and the rest of the time it sat on a desk. It's in perfect condition.

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    Repeatedly I have seen cases like yours, where someone has an Apple curse, and multiple Apple products fail on them and are faulty for this certain user. It weird though, how there is always that one person who has had to replace a hard drive 6 times or is on their 4th notebook while there is that one user who has never had a single mishap. I guess your just unlucky, maybe you broke a mirror or something.

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    When they gave you a new Macbook did you keep the old Adapter or did that get replaced also? What makes me wonder is your friends that was working fine till he plugged it into your adapter. Sounds like there is a problem with the power supply. I have never seen that many drives die in any brand whether PC or Mac and I am a PC/Mac computer/network tech.

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    If I read you original post correctly then I assume the PSU you have may not be at fault but the wrong one.

    As you very clearly stated you had a Macbook Pro which has a higher power rated PSU than that of the Macbook's PSU. It maybe that the extra current of the Macbook Pro's PSU shouldnt be used on a Macbook.
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