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Thread: ibook clamshell performance

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    Question ibook clamshell performance
    im going to keep this short and simple. how much will performance be affected if i install mac os x 10.4 on an old ibook clamshell g3? and advice/opinions?

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    well, the graphics cards in those clamshells cannot really keep up with some of the animations in tiger....i would strongly advise staying with panther or jaguar
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    I ran OS X on a 350 megahertz G3 with 512 megabytes of RAM. It was slow but usable. What's the clamshell's processor speed? I can't recall the minimum RAM required. Maybe 256. But it would be a dog, and 256 would be the pre-Tiger figure, maybe two full versions back, Jaguar.

    Running a web search for "os x" clamshell turned up a lot of information, including this:
    By the way, if you've never installed OS X on these computers, make very very very sure that you've updated their firmware to the most recent BEFORE installing OS X. List of Available Firmware Updates. If you don't update the firmware, you could render your computer unusable in some circumstances. This is not a joke.
    Searching for "os x" clamshell problems turned up more info.

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