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    Magic Eraser vs. Macbook (Black)
    Hey guys...i just bought myself a "Magic Eraser Original" because i saw that it was recommended from other websites. However, i couldnt help the fact that there were some people who recommended not to use it because its a sponge and might scrap away the mac finish matte.

    Please advise me ASAP. Thank you everyone.

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    i dont think it would do any harm... just be carful
    you might also want to try iKlear it works great
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    Don't use it on the outside. The magic eraser is lsightly abrasive. The isnisde of a white macboo is pretty similiar aterial as the inside of the white, and the eraser works just fine on the white one. Try a small out-of-sight area first, maybe up by the screen and see if it damages the finish. That way the area is semi-unnoticable if it does in fact damage the finish.

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    I have actually used a magic eraser on my white Macbook to get rid of a large sharpie mark. It works great and gets it off, but with very minuscule marks left behind, because yes, it is slightly abrasive. I would say they look like really light scuffs, but that wasn't a problem for me as there were already a few scratches before.

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    I use it all the time on my black macbook. It doesn't leave any marks or anything. All it does is leave my macbook looking brand new

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    Yah, the light scuffs on mine are from me rubbing pretty hard to get the sharpie off, but it should be fine for your purpose.

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