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    Fan Control= Potentially Harmful?
    I just got done restoring my Macbook Pro. I freaked out when I could not uninstall Fan Control 1.1 and get it off my system. I also read a comment on how it (speculative of course) overwrote the firmware controls for the fan. Is this a harmful program? Does it screw up the fan controls? Am I alright now that I wiped everything from scratch? Did I embark on a bit of overkill?

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    The fan is controlled by the firmware, rather than the OS kernel. smcFanControl doesn't install or overwrite anything; you may be getting confused with CoreDuoTemp, which installs the 'speedit' extension. All you need to do to uninstall smcFanControl is drag it to the trash.

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    Also, with smcFanControl, it won't allow you to set a fan speed that is lower than the default.

    Since you have it loaded, there isn't any harm is raising the fan rpms.

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