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    New Ram
    Hey Guys, I just finished upgrading from 512 to 2gb. Just wanted to know how I should go about testing my Ram out. How can I test its performance. As of right now, I don't notice any improvements, please share your thoughts.

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    i did the same with my macbook. all your testing depends on progs you run. but you woulda notice your macbook shuts down much quicker than before already. if you use photshop give it a go. i;m sure the others will have more ideas.

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    ram doesnt actually make your computer generally faster until you start to use up all of your ram at once. like if you have 512 mb you are running imovie itunes and safari your are probably already using up your ram and going into virtual memory...if you have 2gb, you will be able to open a lot more apps before u start going into virtual download istat and see how much free memory ur computer has when u open certain programs
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    I just upgraded mine from 512MB to 2GB this morning. I then opened Parallels running XP pro and put it into coherance mode. I am so impressed it's not even funny. If my MacBook had the grunt and I could plug a 2nd monitor into it the same as my PC (I know, but I can't be arsed paying apple 30quid for a connection which should have been on the machine in the first place), I would use it all the time.

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