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    MacBook Dead Battery?
    I was trying to calibrate my battery by using the MacBook until the battery was low and it went to sleep. The manual then says that you should let it sleep for a few hours so that the battery is drained (up until the sleep light turns off). Then, you plug it in and charge it completely.

    The problem is that when I plugged it in to charge again, it wouldn't charge. The battery itself was not charged... it is completely dead and the green lights on the battery won't come on. Is my battery just dead and toast? My Macbook now only works when it is plugged into the adapter. The battery icon shows an "x" and my battery won't charge. When the adapter is plugged in, it is green and it stays green. It won't turn the amber color to show it is charging.

    I'm guessing I'll just need to have the battery replaced, though I'm not sure I'm covered with the warranty; I bought the MB in June 2006.
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    I recommend that you try to remove the battery and then put it back in. Also, you might want to look into resetting the SMC.

    If nothing works and you didn't purchase a 3 year Apple Care warranty, you're still good to go for another two months or so! Good luck.

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    Try this:

    I would recommend re-seating the battery literally 20 times, as apple will have you do the same.

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    I had this exactly problem - I'd been away for a bit but left the macbook in sleep - on returning the battery was shot. I called Apple and they sent a replacement the next day.

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