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    Mar 17, 2007
    my mac is toast!!!!
    grrr im realllllly disgusted with the mac. i go to turn it on today and the screen is black the caps light and the num lock came on and dimmed and got bright and then it died and smelled liike toast electronics, anyone have an idea? i just got this thing like 2 weeks ago. mac isnt making a very good ifisrt impression....

    btw its a G3 600mhz

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    Your laptop is over five years old. It's probably experiencing some sort of hardware failure.

    Occasionally that happens to electronic equipment as it ages.

    If you have the hardware test CD, I'd run the diagnostics. Otherwise, I'd take it to a shop.

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    Did anything get spilled on it? Try this:

    If that doesn't work(which I don't think it will)buy a computer new or with a warranty. And because you dared to slander the one true OS, you can't blame apple for your crappy used ibook going belly up. If you want to have that attitude head back to windows. Clearly you're not ready to commit.

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    You did well....I got 6 hours out the first Mac Book Pro......doa so Apple replaced for just cruising along very nicely thank you.

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