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Thread: 15" g4 aluminum doesn't turn off after battery runs out

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    15" g4 aluminum doesn't turn off after battery runs out
    so i've noticed a few times when my battery runs out that it doesn't turn on anymore. the light on the latch button fades in and out, indicating that it's on standby or something. so i plug the power source to the powerbook but it still won't turn on. the battery is charging at this time though. the powerbook only turns on after the battery gets charged one entire bar.

    is this normal? or what's wrong?

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    Doesn't seem right to me. It should always come on when plugged in despite the battery power level. Maybe it's different with Powerbooks, I have an MBP, but every laptop I've ever owned worked like that.

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    If anybody has an answer to this, I'd like to know. I have the same problem. The first time it happened it only came back on after being charged for the whole night. I'm still waiting for it to come back on this time.

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    I do know that with my mom's old nokia-phone, it wil only turn on after it's been on the charger for a while when it has been totally empty.
    Maybe that's the case?
    Can you try the following: Start it up when there's no battery inside. A normal laptop should be able to start up on powerplug-power only.

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