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Thread: Spill on the Touchpad, how do I get under there?

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    Unhappy Spill on the Touchpad, how do I get under there?
    About a year ago I spilled MAYBE a droplet of soda on my touchpad (i know, i know) & obviously a little got under the clicker and it sticks here and there and is soooo annoying. I hate using another powerbook because the touchpad clicker is so smooth and nice!! Is there anyway I can take the casing off to clean under the touch pad clicker? Any/All suggestions would be great! Thanks

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    There will be a guide on this site on how to dissemble the unit. Just choose whatever powerbook you have and bingo! I just recently installed a 160gb drive into one of my powerbooks and part of that process was removing the top cover... Wasn't too daunting (though I had one of the techs at work do it for me )

    I am not sure what kind of access you have to the track pad from the bottom of that top cover... but might be worth a shot.

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    Hm.. doesn't look too good. seems like the touchpad is kind of attached to the housing.

    I like for these problems. Just check an installation instruction and see on their pictures how it looks like in there.

    Didn't know which PB you have so I just selected one: if you click through there you see at some point "the other side" of the trackpad. You might be able to take that off and clean it - not sure though.

    Sorry, doesn't help a lot but it's a start.

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    The touchpad is indeed attached to the top case, however it can be removed with a little effort. This is a fairly straight forward repair, just make sure you have the right tools in advance. RadTech sells pretty much everything you'd need (nylon sticks, tiny phillips screwdriver, etc).

    Good luck!
    Roger Michaels
    Apple Certified Consultant

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