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    Fan Noise, normal?
    My new macbook is supposed to run the fan 100% of the time, with a minimum speed of 1800 rpm. This does it fine. My question though is, in a quite room, i can hear the fan, but sort of sounds like a light buzzing than simply air moving. I'm not sure if this is normal for these, as this is my first mac ever.

    The temperature idles around 49 to 55 C, so i think that is average. I purchased it at compusa and will exchange it if this is not normal and can turn into a potential problem.

    so, is this quite-buzzing noise normal? there is no clicking at all, but it doesnt sound like air moving. thanks.

    btw, this is a new build: week 13 and yr 07.

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    Its normal. My fan runs at 1500 rpm normally and if it is quite in my room then i can hear it running, and it is more a buzzing then anything.

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    mine does this too. it scared the sht outta me the first time i heard just, sounded ..alive

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