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    Ok, I have heard a lot of different comments about it, and I just dunno if I should do it or not.

    I have had my PowerBook G4 for like 18months, and it's not really slowly down or anything (of cause it's not as fast as when it was brand new), but sometimes it crashes, and I know it might well bcoz I have been saving a lot of rubbish on it. So I have been thinking about if I should format it or not. A lot of people say we should do it every few months to clean up the hidden rubbish and refresh it, but also a few people say you dun need to do it for Macs since it's different from PCs etc.

    I personally am not in favour of formating it due to the re-installing after, but if it would make a huge differnet in terms of the preformances and speed, of cause I would go for it.

    We do people think?

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    My powerbook is about as old as yours and I use it no less then 8 hours a day. I run a few websites and travel alot. So it gets slow at times too. I download OnyX from and its free, really free. Cleans it up pretty well in my book. Try it out before you loose it all to a format.


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    I agree with G4guy. Reformatting is not the answer. Routine maintenance is the answer, and OnyX is a great place to start. Also see MainMenu, another very good offer in this space. Both it and OnyX are freeware.
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