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    Nov 06, 2006
    a lotta people recommend quicksilver. just wanted your guys opinions on whether its gonna be any use for me, i'm a student and purely use my mac for work, and just browsing the web.



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    YES... If you use a Mac it will be useful, if you spend a little time learning what it can do it will be invaluable!!!

    I use it to launch pretty much all of my apps... or launch straight to bookmarks.

    I use it to almost instantly upload images to flickr.

    I use it to pause/skip/stop/play/etc. itunes....

    I use it's "gestures" to open email, specific web pages, itunes..

    I use it's "hot" corners and walls for different apps and web pages (lower right corner is Mac-Forums)

    The list goes on and on and on and ....

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