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    Macbook won't turn on
    Hi everyone. I have a friend that bought a macbook (white) this summer...the computer seemed to be working fine until just recently. Not only did she discover those dreaded brown spots on the plastic, but late last night, the computer suddenly turned off! And now it won't turn back on. The closest apple store to this area is 3 1/2 hours away so right now, that is not an option.

    Also, two days ago I installed to new sticks of RAM for her...but i don't think that is the problem because it worked for two days without any trouble...

    Does anyone have any suggestions that I could give that may make the computer work again??Anything would be greatly appreciated

    Have a good day

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    Put the old RAM back in and see if that works. If not, unplug the power cord, take out the battery and then hold down the power button for ten seconds. Put the battery back, plug it in and turn it on. If nothing then you are SOL and should visit an apple store. Here's some light reading.

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