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    my macbook died!!
    Hi! I just bought my macbook back in september and it has been running fine until five days ago... it was on screensaver and out of nowhere, it just shut off... i thought it went to sleep and tried to revive it, but nothing happened..
    i followed the instructions on appleīs website, but nothing works... when i push the power button, there is a small green light that comes on and off next to the camera... but, nothing else happens... i have no idea what to do.. the worse part is that i am in Ecuador and I bought my macbook in Canada.. i am going to go to a mac dealership in a couplea days but I thought iīd post here and see if anyone has any good ideas.. thanks again for responding to my problem...

    p.s. i havenīt had a chance to update my mac OSX because the internet connections here are awful.. i was hoping to do it when i got back..

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    Have you tried taking out the battery and just running it on ac power.

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    Iīve tried doing that as well, but no luck... thanks for the suggestion though.. anyone else have any great ideas?

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    try taking out the harddrive or ram starting it up with out those then it shouldnt start if it does u have not taken out either the hd or both ram chips or you have a super computer, and then once its turned on leave it for 5 mins then turn it off put there chips and harddrive back in then turn it on.

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