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Thread: Looking to upgrade memory have ?

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    Question Looking to upgrade memory have ?
    Hi simple questions i was just wondering where or what website is the best for purchasing memory for my iBook G4 and i would like to just make sure i can put 1 gb in there too.. thanx in advance.

    the specs on my G4 are:

    Processor 1.07 GHz PowerPC G4
    Memory 256MB Built-in
    CPU type: Power PC G4 1.1

    is all memory compatible with this or is it specific im looking to get 1gb

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    I like They guarantee compatibility (when you use their system adviser) and offer a lifetime warranty. Their customer service is excellent too. Highly recommended.
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    I believe your particular model only has one user-accessible RAM slot.

    So it looks like you can add one 1GB stick for a total of 1280MB of RAM. The particular RAM you need is a 200-pin SO-DIMM PC2700 (DDR333).

    Newegg is a great place to look for RAM as they have a wide selection and great prices.

    Laptop Memory at Newegg

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    Make sure to put the memory in pretty firmly. When I put 1gb in my ibook I thought I could finesse it in there. I had to push hard to get it to click and thought I broke something. Lesson: Be stern, but fair.

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