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    Disc won't insert
    Hey, I'm really frustrated here. I watched a movie, ejected the disc, everything was working fine, and several hours later, when I try to insert a disc, it acts like there is something in there. Now, I know I ejected the disc, but regardless, I've tried all the "eject disc" techniques that I can think of for apple. There isn't anything in there! When I put in a new disc, the drive just won't accept it. I can push the disc in all the way, but there is resistance the entire time. Please help me with this, I really need my drive to be working. I'd take it in, but I'm in Eastern Europe and can't find a mac dealer anywhere.

    Please help...



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    something similar happend to me ...the cd did not mount it stucked inside ....i restarted the machine and after a while everything was ok ....just restart and wait a little bit...hope it helps.....

    sorry about my english

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    Thanks...I'll try and let it cool off tonight. But, I can't even get the disc into the drive. I push the disc about half way, and I hit resistance for the rest of the way. Nothing grabs it like it use to. Any more help?


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