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    Question Ibook bevel switch ??? reward for info
    Hi, newbie here, I need to remove the old silver bezel from my Ibook and put a new one on.

    I got a new bezel, my harddrive, screen and all other parts work fine.

    Sofar I have removed every screw and panel from the Ibook (white model)

    where I get stuck is --- just under the keyboard right next to the serial # the white panel that houses the mousepad, keyboard and power on/of buton, wont come off. There is a tiny circular magnetic silver piece there...

    All other pieces come off. Its stuck there, how do I remove that panel? I know I can fix this if I can just get that panel off,

    I dont want to break it,.....Do I need to (on the other side (that houses the battery pack) remove the mother board?


    Correct answers get 100 karma points lol, I will send you some $ if your advice works today...

    Help me change my bezel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx

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    that little magnet covers another screw.

    just pry the magnet up (it has a sticky backing) and remove the screw.

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