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    iBook G4 Battery
    My battery never seems to get to 100% any more. It gets to 99%, and the light changes to green, but it never goes to 100%. Any quick fixes for this problem?

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    mmz jus realised I have the same thing too...

    wonder why...

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    Try running the battery all the way down one time and then give it a full recharge

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    hmz did that still suck at 99%. But I figure 100% and 99% really don't make much difference so.... I'm chill. =p

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    Quote Originally Posted by immdb

    Thanks Immdb,
    Just to recap from that is what it says:

    This is normal. The batteries used in these computers are designed to avoid short discharge/charge cycles in order to prolong the overall life of the battery. Because of this, when setting the Mac OS X battery status menu bar icon to display charge state by percentage, you may notice that the reported charge stays between 95 percent and 99 percent. When the battery level eventually drops below 95 percent, it will charge all the way to 100 percent.

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