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    Question Max RAM for an iBook?
    We have a tangerine-colored iBook, looks like it's dated 1999, that we'd like to add more RAM to. I can't seem to find any specs online about how much it can take, though. Can someone help me? If you need more info on the model I can get it but I'm not sure what I need to look for.

    (EDIT-) The iBook says "My family is m2453" on the underside.

    (EDIT #2-) I think I answered my own question. I came a cross a site that lists max memory for an iBook 300 (which I think this one is) as 300-some MBs.


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    You may be able to fit more in by using higher-density RAM, but do more research. If you're feeling adventurous, you can check to see how many RAM slots you have (1 or 2). Keep in mind that one slot may sit underneath the processor.

    Most sites list the original iMac (1998) max RAM at 256, but it will recognize 512.

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    Well depending on what you had installed on your motherboard.

    The max is either 544 (if you have 32 built in) or 576 (if you have 64 built in)
    It has 1 PC66 SDRAM slot
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