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    PowerMac VS PowerBook
    I posted this before on another website, whom mainly consist of mac users. Anyway, my name is Shifty in the topic, and any comments and answers to my posts are appreciated.

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    Well, the iMac is a beautiful machine, I agree. I'm using a's quite amazing....

    My speculation is that there won't be an upgrade to either the iMacs or Powerbooks til the summer...but who really knows. Anywho...if you can buy right now...I'd go ahead and get the 1.25 won't be disappointed...and even if a G5 does come'll be reall expensive....and I think it'll be out of price range for a while..then again..I don't know what you price range is. But thats my advice to you...get the iMac now...

    However, if you have to wait a while before you'll probably see some things on the apple site...and rumor sites giving you better answers.

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    I believe the iMac will not see the D5 processor until after the PowerBook gets the processor. As with Apple past history the pro line will get the latest processor first in this case the G5. Then the consumer line will get the G5 processor.
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