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Thread: ibook G3 clamshell 466mhz Panther

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    ibook G3 clamshell 466mhz Panther
    I have and ibook that I just purchased off of ebay that I have several issues with. First the cmos battery is bad because the computer will not hold the time and date. Is this easy to change in these computers? Second I cannot get any sound out of this ibook. I have checked system preferences and all volume is up and not muted. Cannot get any sound even when I play dvd. Third and last I cannot get this thing connected to my comcast cable modem so that I can surf. I enable dhcp for automatic but safari just says error site cannot be found. I am a windows user trying to make an effort to learn about macs so that maybe I can make the switch. I am still within the 10 day grace period that the seller gave me so I can send it back. Should I or are all of these issue worth trying to fix?

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    Ok..first off you got bought this mac off ebay, im not saying ebay is bad but it aint perfect, i know this cause i do occasionly buy stuff off there, anywayz getting back to your ibook. first off you have to no the version ure using, there are 3 currently, jaguar, panther, tiger. once u no this get the install cd's for ure mac and reinstall mac, also u will need another battery because the battery u have has been overcharaged and will not hold enouph space.
    it wont connect to ure internet because maybe some of the preferences are changed so thats why u should Re-install the mac system u have. its best to get tiger if u dont have it already. the sound is because the guy probally doesnt have a good sound card in there so i suggest u get a new one, get a cheap one or expensive one for $400-900 maybe round about there not quite sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vedder10 View Post
    I am still within the 10 day grace period that the seller gave me so I can send it back. Should I or are all of these issue worth trying to fix?
    If none of those issues were listed in the auction, then I would probably send it back.
    They are fixable, but if you were promised a fully functional machine, then you should have received such.
    Check with your seller first.
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