So today at Uni I tried sending a video from my phone to my mbp but after many attempts it just would not connect to my mbp. I ignore this.

I get home, turn on my mbp and try to use my wireless mighty mouse and keyboard with no success. After re-setting up the mouse, it is extremely jittery and non-responsive, and the mbp won't even acknowledge the keyboard exists. Replaced batteries. No luck. Restarted twice. No luck. For a little while the fans on the mbp even turned on for no reason. Any suggestions on any diagnositic tests or something I can do? Perhaps this has something to do with me upgrading to 10.4.9?

OH, almost forgot, after I restarted one time, I logged in, didn't do anything or touch anything and a couple of seconds after logging in I got this screen stating in many languages to restart again like the mbp was frozen? Upon restarting I sent the report to apple. I'm sorry I didn't save a copy.

Thanks very much for any help,