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    Question Macbook battery dumped it's charge overnight...+ other 'issues' ?
    Hi all,

    I have a new Macbook, approx 2 weeks old. Last night after editing I saw the battery was 99% charged so unplugged the charger at put the machine to sleep.

    This morning I went to wake the machine up but no joy...dead. I plugged the charger back in fired the machine up and opened up Coconut battery to check the power status. For some reason the battery had dumped all it's charge, it was reading something like -1mAh. Any idea why this would happen all of a sudden ? I still have it charging now, the reading is 3498mAh @64%

    Another weird thing I noticed is that the currecnt battery capacity stands at 5434mAh but the ORIGINAL capacity is only 5200mAh.

    Is this normal, or do I have an odd battery ?

    BTW , 1st post here....have trid the search but couldnt find a similar issue to mine.



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    Sounds like you've got a duff battery. If you got it from the Apple store just take it back and they will sort it no problem. In fact, they probably have some in stock for just this type of thing.

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    yea, since apple has been having so many battery problems lately, they have a bunch in each store for just such an occasion.
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    (1) It's possible your computer didn't go to sleep when you closed the lid. I've had that happen twice in about four months, and it kills the battery.

    (2) Calibrate your battery before trying to figure out what Coconut is telling you.

    (3) Once you've calibrated the battery, run the computer on battery power for a while and see how accurate the battery meter's prediction is (if it says you had 4 hours of power when you start and after an hour you're around 3 hours left, for example).

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    Mine did that once shortly after I got it. Same thing, noted battery charge in the upper 90s, closed lid to have it 'sleep' overnight. Next day, wouldn't wake up until I connected it to power. When it finally awoke (I may have had to restart it, I don't recall) battery was at 7%.

    Applecare walked me through resetting the Power Management System, which if I recall involved powering it completely down, removing the battery, pressing the power button for 15 seconds, putting the battery back in, then charging.

    Hasn't happened since.

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