Briefly, here is what happened: i spilt pop on the keyboard, foolishly tried carefully to clean it off, in so doing i ripped the ribbon connecting the keyboard to the CPU, and ever since, strangely if i hook up an external vga monitor via the vga to dvi adaptor to the MBP C2D i get a black screen (no signal), but if i hook it up to a DVI external monitor it works just fine. I have tried several monitors and several adaptors now, and this scenario still remains the same: works with DVI connected monitors, but not with VGA connected monitors (even tried on a monitor that has both ports and it works in one instance but not the other).

I am waiting for a replacement keyboard to arrive, which will of course determine if that resolves the problem. If anyone knows anything obvious such as that this is clearly a software problem that some sort of reset would fix, or if this is clearly a function of the ripped keyboard ribbon, i would be most grateful.

As a note, the pop spilt on the opposite side to the DVI port (closer to the magsafe, though not really near it). I inspected under the hood and don't see any spilt liquid in and around the power, but am wondering if this problem may in fact be due to some shortage near the power. The unit otherwise operates flawlessly, runs for hours, runs on battery, and so on.

I have tried the upgrade to 10.4.9, and no change in things...