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    adam taylor
    any temperature apps?
    hi all, had my ibook a month or two and love it. but using it on my lap does mean it gets quite warm. i always keep the vents clear but worry the insulative effect of my legs is going to cause overheating. i had a little app on my pc which monitored various locations on the motherboard for temp, has anyone got any exp of similar on an ibook?

    also any advance notice of overheating before everything dies?

    ta, Adam

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    I've heard of people using ThermoInDock. I think you're better off using a real thermometer...just seems more accurate and precise to me.

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    well i'm using "temperature monitor" from it works perfectly well w/ my PowerBook on panther..

    PowerBook G4. iLove it.

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    adam taylor
    thanks guys, will give em a go

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    adam taylor
    sheesh, after i upgrade to panther... :S

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    Konfabulator has a pretty good temp. monitor, as well as a few other fun gadgets.

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    Look at iPulse it will show current cpu temperature along with all kinds of system information. Uses skins so you can change the look of it when you want, mine looks like a clock and shows current time. Will show any processes and memory usage by each, info on swapping, your internet connection (hard wired or wireless) and a bunch more. Slick little software and worth the fee for it.


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