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Thread: Can I install Panther on an iBook that shipped with tiger?

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    Question Can I install Panther on an iBook that shipped with tiger?
    My 14", 1.42 Ghz iBook G4 shipped with Tiger but Tiger is a bit hard on it (because of spotlight and Dashboard). I know that they can be disabled but I'd rather use Panther. Is it possible? I had put in the Panther CD in and tried to start setup but it got stuck at the grey apple screen after rebooting. Is it possible to install Panther? If yes, how?


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    I'm not sure, but it sounds like it's not able to be done, I will look into it though.

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    Honestly, the only way I can see it happening is if you buy a copy. But in the end your gonna pay practically just as much as the price of buying an 512MB of RAM..and that would definitely help the lagging your experiencing with Tiger.

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    If your iBook shipped with Tiger then those install discs are designed for the hardware of your mac. To install Panther is taking a backward step but your hardware unfortunately cannot also step backwards, so it is not going to work and would also go against the EULA.

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    just max the ram, it should be fine. 1.5gb ram will be more than enough to run 10.4 well.
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