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Thread: Question on 12" iBook

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    Question on 12" iBook
    Sorry, this question was probably asked 1000 times...
    I am planning to get the iBook G4 12".
    Does anyone knows if a refreshed model is about to come out soon or not?
    Thanks everybod

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    I would guess not...because they didn't come out with the G4 models that long ago....I am pretty sure there won't been any iBook updates in the next run of new products from apple....probably just G5 stuff.

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    If you want as guess. I would say an upgrade to the Powermac line and then the PowerBook line. after that the iMac and then the iBook. At least this is how Apple did it in the past. So we will have to wait and see.
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    Ibook 12"

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