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    G4 getting quite hot!!?
    So I just traded my pismo g3 for a g4 550 gigabit ti. They are both in the same condition. So I got a good deal I think, anyway....

    I have been using the g4 ALOT and damn this thing gets hott. Why is that? Is this normal? I dont remember my Pismo ever getting this hott.

    The speakers and power button are really quite warm. Not so much you cant touch them.. But seems warmer than I think they should.

    ALso I hear the processor fan going on more often than on the Pismo.

    I understand they are totally different machines but...I just want to know is this normal? Should I be concerned?

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    Nope thats just the way that they are
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    Yeah, these things run pretty hot.... can't wait until the G5 Books come out though! scald city, here we come!

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    when i use mine normaily without doing any rendering the heat
    feels normal but when i start to render something ....
    wooowww it gets soo hot

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    Quote Originally Posted by taylaner
    when i use mine normaily without doing any rendering the heat
    feels normal but when i start to render something ....
    wooowww it gets soo hot
    cool...well not really but thanx none the less. I just wanted to make sure that I didnt make a dumb trade.

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    I still rarely...actually, never...have had mine hot enough to complain about...maybe I'm expecting mroe heat...or because I'm from Texas, heat doesn't really bother me....but I definently dont' think they get that hot...a bit...but not enough to even talk about really.

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    It was warm enough for me to use it as a ghetto-fied space heater during the winter. Jeez, being the valley.. when it gets cold.. IT'S COLD!! All I needed to do was touch the darn thing and I was happy. Whenever it got cool.. just open up Final Cut Pro.. har har har.. :rolleyes:.
    PowerBook G4. iLove it.

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