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    Angry My MacBook keeps turning itself off?
    I am using a macbook 2ghz intel machine, and it has just started to shut its self down randoml, right in the middle of stuff, and especially it seems when opening an app. also the fan seems to be running very loud a lot of the time.

    Anyine had similar problems or have an idea what the problem may be?

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    Sounds like a major application error. Correcting Permissions may help. Also try to figure out what's on crash logs in /var/log/ folder. You can access them from "About this Mac".

    If not you might have to reinstall OS X.

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    Have you tried resetting the PRAM? Start with the notebook powered off, turn it on and press and hold Command-Option-P-R. Continue holding until you've heard 3 system tones. Then allow the system to boot.

    See if that helps. If not, you may have a problem with your power supply, charging system or the battery. This would necessitate a call to AppleCare.

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    Did you read this thread? You may be experiencing the classic Random Shutdown problem.

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    Have you run software update to get the latest SMC firmware update? I had an issue kind of like this with mine, and that firmware update solved the problem.

    Also, if you're feeling brave: once this happens again, wait for the computer to boot up again once you restart, and go into your console (inside the utilities folder inside the apps folder). From here, go to log, and see if you can decypher what caused the computer to crash. It will have something next to it resembling an error message with the word Kernal in it.
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    When did you get the macbook? If it was before September 2006 then you probably have the dreaded Random Shut Down syndrome. Have you kept the firmware and OS updates thoroughly up to date?

    If it's not that (which it might not be, even if it's an older macbook) then it could be the battery. It's unlikely to be a software fault if it shuts down cold.

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    Have you added any RAM yourself since you bought the computer?
    Exactly the same thing happened to me after I upgraded to 2gb of RAM from OWC. They replaced it for me and I havn't had a problem since. If you did upgrade your RAM, try running with your origional stick again for a couple of days. See if the problem disapears.

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