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    G3 IBook 700 Mhz, 256 MB RAM, 16 MB VRAM
    will 512 RAM stick make difference in iBook?
    So I just acquired a G3 700 Mhz iBook with 256 MB of ram and I was wondering if i were to buy a 512 MB stick would it make a drastic difference in performance? It's running Panther right now and it runs decent but my video is extremely choppy especially when trying to stream video. I've done a little research and it seems these models have that problem with streaming video.I was just curious if it was worth the 90 bucks to buy the ram stick or should i just not bother?

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    Yes it will. Doubling the RAM will definitely be noticeable, and every meg is worth the money. However, the best value for a stick these days is a 512Meg if not a Gig. I don't know whether your G3 can hold that much at all, but I'm just saying that 90 dollars for a 256 MB stick is not the best value per MB you're getting.
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    You should be able to get 256MB chip for 42$ and a 512 for less than 60$.

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    iBook G4; 1.07 GHz; 512 MB; Radeon 9200; 40 GB HDD -- best prices around the net

    ...and yes, RAM upgrades are ALWAYS worth it; got to get me some more on my iBook soon

    Edit: Don't buy anything bigger then 512MB ram; your iBook comes with 128MB and maxes out at 640MB.

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