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    Squeaky hinge. :x
    Hello all. Just posting here to see if someone has a solution.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my macbook, it is by far the best computer i have owned to date. And I love mac os x more and more each day...

    My only complaint is... my hinge is squeaky. And it is starting to bother me. XD
    When I open the compy the screen bounces a little, you know, from putting it into place and letting go, and when I let go, the hinge will squeak until the screen comes to a rest.

    Is there anything I can do to stop this squeaking? Any type of lube/oil I could use... what kind, and where would I apply it?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have this same problem and would love to hear if anyone has a solution for it.

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    well i come up with a solution...macbook squeeks and display flickers when certain temprature reaches about 48-60 celcius..the best thing u guys can do is to download a smcfancontrol that you can about to set your fan rmp form apple default of 1,200 rpm to 6200 rpm which makes your mac book cooler from about 20 - 25 Celcus coller than it regular 50-66 C..after you installed the smc fan control you will notice you will have 38-43 celcius stable running about 6200 rmp.

    please download your free software here
    get the smc fan control version 2.1 release

    1.after installing, copy the program in your application folder the smc fan control from your application folder
    3.check your menu bar with temp and rpm displayed and click under preferences
    4.after clicking the preferences you notice that you will see the fancontrol setting as well the option that it says "autostart smcfancontrol after login.please check the option as well check for updates on startup.
    5.go on the fan settings and slide the bar on the desired rpm that u like
    6. i preffer to run 6200 rpm if you are in a hot environment and no AC room.
    7. in cold areas u can use 3400-4200 rpm
    8.if u may experience whining sound from fan @ 6200 rpm , but that normal..and yea ofcourse it uses more power to drive the fan so dont think you will last of 6 hours of battery life, lets say it would give u atleast 31/2 hours of batery life ,which is enough

    the procedure that i wrote is here is the same i made on my macbook, squeeks, and flicker the backlight display because of the heat issues....this procedure helps my macbook runs cooler and squeekless =]

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    Mine used to squeek, like the hing was too tight.... It hasnt squeeked in along while, my macbook is just about 8 months old

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