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    Bootcamp Internet Problem
    Hey, all --

    I have a problem with my Intel-based MacBook Pro (OS X 10.4.8). I have installed and used Bootcamp on it, so that I may also access Windows XP. Previously, I was having no trouble connecting to the internet on both OSX and XP. For some reason, however, I am no longer able to connect on XP. Please note that I CAN, however, connect to the internet on OS X perfectly fine.

    The weird part is that in XP, it not only shows the wireless signal, but it also is able to "connect" with an excellent signal strength. But when I open a browser, it won't load any websites.

    Here are some things I've tried already:

    - Sending a ping -- no connection and thus unable to return it
    - Renew IP address -- no luck
    - Plug in to the ethernet cable -- internet works fine
    - Go to a different wireless location -- problem still exists (thus, it's NOT the wireless connection -- which it wouldnt make sense to be anyways, since the internet works fine on the OSX).
    - Restart the computer -- no change

    Please help!

    Zack Rosen

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    Maybe you can try to reinstall the drivers that Boot Camp Assistant made. If that doesnt work, go to OS X and burn another driver CD. Maybe that will work

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