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    PCMCIA card substitutes for Broadband service?
    One of the things I'll want to do eventually is get Broadband service for my laptop, so the Internet is available anywhere I go (within cell service limits, of course). You know, EVDO service, or BroadbandConnect, or whatever it's called. ;-)

    The Macbook doesn't have a PCMCIA card slot or an Express card slot. Is there any way to make this happen on a Macbook? Or is it simply not possible?


    EDIT: oh, I know this can be done on the Macbook Pro, but I want to know if it can be done on the Macbook.

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    Yes, there is a USB broadband card
    My first post!!

    I have a MacBook and the Verizon USB broadband Aircard. I like it a lot. On the downside, I could not get it "free" after rebate and paid almost $200.0

    Sprint has their USB card on sale for 50.00 and a rebate.

    Service is fast. Comparable to DSL but seems slower than Cable. Service is VERY expensive too. Around $100.00 a month in FL with all the taxes.

    You can also get a CardBus adapter for the PCMCIA card to connect via USB. Google PCMCIA to USB.


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    Excellent first post. :-)

    Thanks, Tripfly!

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