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Thread: MacBook pro?

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    Mar 10, 2007
    MacBook pro?
    I currently am a windows user and run Avid liquid 7.

    I am seriously looking at moving over to Apple. And will go with Final Cut Express and 17inch MacBook pro (2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo)

    Is anyone using this setup and what results are you having?

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    hey chip! WELCOME TO MAC FORUMS!!!

    First of all, I'm going to say that I have a 15" MacBook Pro, but I don't do video editing. I AM going to so say, though, that Macs are VERY FAST and solid machines. They are extremely stable, and they wont crash unless you put them in REDICULOUS circumstances (and I *mean* REDICULOUS!).

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    macs crash, even without ridiculous circumstances. its nature of the beast.

    now that said. they crash much less than any windows pc ive owned. Why? easy. apple makes the software to work with their hardware.

    of course no PC company can do this because, well lets face it, they dont make the OS, Mr Gates sell it to em
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    i do video editing on my mbp that i recently purchased. i got a 15in 2ghz cd version with 256mb of ram and 1gig of ram (for now). i edit with final cut studio and its great. everything works fast even with my core duo. i think more ram is more beneficial here than faster processor. if you are into editng and used avid i highly suggest that you obtain final cut pro studio and not the express version. you will find it very limiting soon. good luck with your decission.

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    I have a 15" 1.83ghz core duo with 2GB of RAM.
    The RAM is more important than anything. But all these machines are very very good for standard definition video editing. If you want to do high definition at a good speed you might want a macpro.
    I started with final cut express, and then moved up to pro because it was offered to me. There is almost no difference. If you only want to do basic editing express is identical. If you do pro stuff involving complicated timecode stuff then you should go for pro. I've started doing more timecode editing, and it can be nice, but you will never miss it in express.
    Other than that express is only missing a few things regarding video effects and audio editing.
    Unless you are editing high def or need pro features, final cut is not worth the extra $$$. I would not of upgraded unless it had been offered to me.
    You will be very happy with a MBP and FCE. Very amazing program and machine.

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