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    Macbook Full Time?
    Hello, recently my PC has officially bit the dust. Atleast for right now. My hard drive actually caught on fire and is now useless. I' m not sure yet, however my motherboard and processor might be friend. I have not checked them out being I don't have the time at the moment. I am waiting on Seagate to replace the HD. At any rate though, this is not the point.

    I bought a Macbook around x-mas and I use it for all of my work. (Graphic/Web Design). With my PC being dead I simply connect everything to the Macbook including my 17" LCD. Now, I am considering scrapping the PC and selling the parts seperatly and buying either another 17" LCD, 20" or 24". If I do this, my Macbook will by my primary computer. I will be using it for Design, Media (Movies, Music, Etc), and other common tasks. It will virtually always be on, or running something. Aside from when I am on the go.

    At any rate my main question comes down to this. Will my Macbook be ok as my primary computer doing everything I need. Should I possibly invest in a mat of sorts with fans to keep the bottom cool as it sits at home?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    See this thread. Lots of answers to your question appear here.

    I use my MacBook as my primary computer and it's near perfect.

    I do not see the need for any kind of cooling device-- the bottom gets a bit warm sometimes, but never alarmingly so.

    Good luck!

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    ditto caribiner. only computer. i don't even use an external monitor. just a good lapdesk and some good peripherals like ext HD, usb media card reader, external travel speakers and headphones.
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