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    Yellow gunk: Has anyone sent it to Apple...
    for repair? The yellow crap is annoying me and my macbook looks so ugly. I'm planning on sending it in soon and was wondering what Apple does. Do they just clean it for you or replace the ENTIRE case, monitor housing included. Anyone know?


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    If by "yellow gunk" you mean that the area surrounding the keyboard's turned yellow, then Apple will replace the entire keyboard area component. The rest of your MacBook remains intact.

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    My Macbook is a refurb and I bought it about a month ago. In the last couple days, it's started to show the discolourisation issues mentioned, on the wrist pad.

    At the moment the color is dark greyish but turning yellow. You can clearly see it under all lighting conditions.

    I've read various forums and threads(including the original one on apple official forum but I'm not certain on what action I should take.

    Should I try out the varous cleaning solutions(Magic eraser, nail polish c.f. original thread for more) suggested first? Or should I immediately contact Apple? If I do, do you know if I'm guaranteed to get a replacement of the wrist area (I am still under warranty)?

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    I had the discolouring issue with my MacBook, I just took it to my local (new) Apple Store in WestQuay. They took it away and 1 hour later later I got a phone call saying it's repaired and ready to be picked up! WOW
    If you have a local Apple Store then I'd suggest taking your MB for a visit and getting them to replace the display surround and keyboard/trackpad area's.
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    Here is the good news that you're looking for :mac:

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