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Thread: No internet volume - yet another glitch

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    Angry No internet volume - yet another glitch
    Just had OSX re-installed and to my surprise, all my files were still there after, so I backed everything up when I didn't need to.

    Unfortunately, the timeline sound problem that has cost me a sickening amount of time and money was still there - it hadn't changed a thing.

    What's worse, when I switch on my MBP it takes slightly longer to load and I have lost all sound from the internet. Have checked all volume sliders and system prefs, i-tunes and alert tones fine, just anything from the internet.

    The Apple Service centre here in HK was useless when I took my MBP there a couple of months ago and said I would have to leave it with them 2/3 weeks. I can't possibly be without my computer for that amount of time.

    I am still within warranty and very disapointed with Apple - it all started out so well and the glitches have just snowballed.

    My first and formost concern at the moment is getting the sound back on the internet.

    Other than that, any advice? I paid a lot of money for this laptop and though initially impressed, am extreemly dissapointed with it 9 months later and considerably irked that the service centres inane and unhelpful manner and 'leave it with us for two or three weeks and maybe we can tell you what the problem is, maybe not' attitude.

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    seems to me you have done an archive install. meaning all your files were left on the computer, just osx was reinstalled.

    to fix ALL your problems. boot from your cd, and do a fresh install, not an archive! archives have always left problems behind on my machine, so this should work.
    i wouldnt be surprised if your sound issue vanished also.

    try it. there isnt anything wrong with the laptop, so dont talk like that
    it sounds like a software issue, which can be fixed.
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    Indeed, your entire Home folder is preserved with an archive install, including everything in the Library, which is probably where your problem is coming from given it requires circumstances that are likely too specific to be signaling a hardware problem.

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    Thanks guys, hope the cd re-boot works.

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