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    Ram Question
    My computer is so bogged down... I was sure 256 ram would do me fine. but 1000+ songs, tons of apps software, misc later I am dead wrong.

    I am looking for huge jump so I don't have to buy more anymore. 512 sounds nice that would put me at 768.

    I need enough so that I don't see a spinning beachball when opening ITUNES or one ign page (lots of html and pics to load... I guess they have always been slow for me even on past computers)

    I've never installed ram or anything on any computer for that matter.

    But I am a quick learner. I've noticed many of you buy your ram (not from apple) so a couple of trusted links would be nice. If you think should just fork out the money and buy it from apple... since I have zero knowledge of hardware on computers.

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    256 is like nothing....for any computer doing more than e-mail and surfing.

    I wouldn't buy from apple...they're ram is expensive and only gives you a year warranty...I got corsair memmory...and it has a lifetime warrantly....I got it at...crap....some place I can't remember...but look it's good stuff...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TylerMoney
    I got corsair memmory...and it has a lifetime's good stuff...
    corsair is good, and so is kingston, which is what i have in my power mac. definitely don't use some random unknown brand...OS X is picky about what RAM it will work with, but either of these well known brands would be great.

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    They use Kingston RAM I believe and it's set up so you don't order the wrong type for your machine.

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    Does it come with a guide on how to install?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fomer
    Does it come with a guide on how to install?
    No, but it's really easy. There are instructions for installing RAM at Apple's support site.

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    I'll 2nd the vote for ... I got my powerbook last week & ordered 512MB for mine (I would have really liked to add 1GB but didn't have the money). It comes with basic instructions but as mentioned above there are instructions on Apples' site.

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