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    MacBook does not see CD-R
    Trying to burn some pictures on a Maxell CD-Rpro. I put the disc in and the dialog box opens to ask me if I want Finder or Disk Utility to open but the disc never shows on the desktop or in Finder. When I try to Burn something to the disc I get an error dialog box saying the disc is not supported.
    A DVD plays fine so I don't think it is the drive. Are some newer blank discs not support by the MacBook drive? Any thoughts?

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    I assume this is a SuperDrive, yes? Apparently there are some issues with SDs, based on what I found via Google. They are a bit finicky. A few weeks ago I had some trouble with my MacBook and DVDs. While your problem is with a CD-R, my guess is this is a similar problem.

    What happened with me was that I could burn Fuji DVD+RWs, but could not rewrite them. Also, I could read various media w/o trouble - data DVDs, video DVDs, audio CDs, et al. I seemed too to be having some apparent trouble with Sony DVD-RWs, but that turned out to be a matter of impatience on my end. A call to Apple service and some testing suggested my drive was functional. The service person suggested I try Verbatim media as the SD was designed to that. (She said that even though Apple has their own discs, Verbatim worked better.) I bought a couple Verbatim DVDs (a +RW and a -RW), and they both worked fine, QED.

    You might try a Verbatim disc. Get one if you can (locally or from an online dealer) and see how it goes.

    Hope this helps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mathogre View Post
    I assume this is a SuperDrive, yes? !
    Yes, I have the SD. I will try to get a Verbatim disc and or try another brand.

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