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    Question Back-Lit Keyboard
    Fellow Mac users,

    Boy have a got a question for you guys. I purchased a G3 800MHz iBook w/ 12" TFT Display, Dual-USB and a sort-of translucent keyboard, almost a month ago. This question is not critical, just would be a very cool hack. Why Apple made this iBook with keyboard buttons like it has and did not make them back-lit is beyond me, but I would like to now make it back-lit. Now please put all warranty issues aside when you reply to my message because I have never had a single problem with any of the Apple computers I have had in my lifetime, and I really don't think that this will greatly affect my machine. I want to run anywhere from 5-10 LED's at the front of the keyboard (closest to mouse) and then shoot the beams across the bottom of the keys (underneath the keyboard of course) towards the display. Now looking down through the buttons I can see a white board, which I do not know if it is the base for the board or just the bottom itself. First, please tell me if this is possible. Then second, tell me how I can do it (such as how to tap into the power supply, etc.) If anyone out there has already done this or knows of a useful website that would help me out a lot. Thanks and have a nice day.

    - Jason

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    now thats a good idea.. tell apple.. lol
    i wouldnt have a clue how to do that crap.. but my dad got given this heaps cool alost torch like thing, it plugs into the usb drive and illuminates a bright light, and it clips onto ur laptop, so if u cant get those led's to work and u wanna work in the dark or sumthen (i bet u jsut wanna do it cos it would make the iBook look cool) but yeh try one of those

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    Thanks for the reply iStair, but I already own a Kensington Fly Light that I think does the same thing as what your dad has. I purchased that at the same time of purchasing the iBook itself. Basically, I know that a back-lit keyboard would look really cool and then I also wouldn't have to plug the Fly Light in and take up a USB port (even though I have USB hubs). Thanks for the help anyways.

    - Jason

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    i suggest u take a look at how the led's under the caps lock etc on the keyboard are plugged in a see if u can sum how copy it.. sum1 on a nother forum was trying to do the exact same.. but they couldnt find an answer eaither

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    umm i have run across a kit on another site in a post somewhere along time ago, but to be able to find that link i dont think i could, you can ask the guys over at they have an actual forum for apple hacks. One idea you could look into is the neon wire...its about a 3-4mm wire thats illuminated the same way a neon tube is.

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