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    MacBook Video Archive
    I am getting a MacBook in three weeks time. As you can imagine, I am sooo excited and can't wait to play with it. Since I have bit of time to kill, I thought I will setup a exclusive threads about interesting videos on MacBooks.

    If you find anything related to new MacBooks please add them here. Eventually I will make a list for the benefit of all the MacBook lovers.

    Video Archive

    YouTube - MacBook open for the first time

    CNet review - Apple MacBook (Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz)

    YouTube - A 3 minute tour of the Black MacBook

    Upgrading the Black MacBook Hard Drive and RAM by OWC

    YouTube - MacBook running SuSE Linux

    MacBook related Articles

    MacBook & MacBook Pro Reliability Comparison

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    I like this video that shows someone using the Apple Remote with their MacBook to show how Front Row works with the remote. Now I'm not sure if this is really MacBook thing or more of a Front Row thing - but as the MacBook is in the video... Thought I'd share Clicky

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    RNDdave & narf1899, Thanks for adding two cool vids.

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