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    Battery Life question
    Hi, I heard on some laptops it will greatly extend the battery life if you remove it while its plugged in (Not to charge of course).
    But i also heard it will make no diffrence on some.

    80% Of the time i have my notebook plugged in at my desk, Will it make my battery last longer if i take it out while it's plugged in?
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    I have never heard that one. I would download coconut battery and check your battery's status and record it. Then try to do what you said for a while. Then check your batterys status again. I don't think it would hurt to try it (just make sure that you don't do this all the time beacuse apple recommends that you use your battery without the charger so you keep its juices flowing) If you decide to try it tell me how it goes! If you don't want to try it, it wouldn't hurt ot have coconut battrey anyway.

    You can Download coconut battery here:

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    if you take the battery out of any current intel mac laptop, the processor speed will be cut by about 50%.

    i dont know why, but the new macs need the batteries in them to run full bore.

    so in other words, screw the battery (not like youre hurting it anyways by keeping it in), and get the performance that you paid for!
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    also, if you remove the battery and jostle the cord (or if you have a power loss) you'll suffer abrupt shutdown which isn't good. and, if you encounter any power dips while transferring/copying/saving files you could cause corrupt files. it might be happening more than you know too. many of my appliances don't seem to notice, but i have a UPS system that alerts on power loss, and it will occasionally beep (signaling a dip) when there are no other obvious issues with the lights, tv, radio, etc.
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