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    RAM for Sibelius
    Does anyone have any experience of running Sibelius on Macbook? How much RAM am I likely to need, seeing as it is a Rosetta app.? Will 1gb be plenty or should I go for 2?


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    More is ALWAYS better.. (in life, and in RAM ).

    1GB of RAM will be fine with Sibelius.

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    EDIT: More info below from
    Quote Originally Posted by Sibelius website
    Tips on speeding up Sibelius 4 on Intel Macs

    Here are a few tips on things you can do to speed up Sibelius 4 on Intel based macs:

    * Go to the File > Preferences menu and click on Display in the top left hand corner. Then in the Smoothing options change the setting from Smoothest to Smooth and Fast.
    * Go to the File > Preferences menu and click on Textures on the left hand side. Then change all the Paper and Desk textures to Use color not texture.
    * Reduce the demand that the DLS Music Device places on the processor. In the Play > Playback and Input Devices dialog select Quality and set the Sample Rate to 22050Khz.
    * Add more RAM to the Mac - the more ram a computer has the faster it will run as it will be more able to cope with multiple applications. e.g. Most Intel Macs currently ship with only 512MB RAM as 2 x 256MB chips and either or both can easily be changed to give the computer up to 2GB RAM.
    * Check that you are using the latest drivers for your midi and audio devices - many devices now have Intel Mac drivers available - see the manufacturers website for more details e.g. M-Audio Drivers for M-Audio devices.

    For information on getting the best out of the Sibelius Kontakt Player please click here: Kontakt Player - optimal settings to improve playback

    To check to see if there is an update to your version of Sibelius 4 go to the Help > Check For Updates menu.

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