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Thread: Hard drive format

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    Hard drive format
    Hello Everyone.

    I have just had a nice thing happen to me!! I sent off my failing Seagate 250Gb external hard drive 2 weeks ago. I just this second received a brand new 320Gb replacement drive for free!!!

    Anyway, joyus news over. I don't want to put a thing on it until I know how to do this. The drive is formatted in Fat 32 which I beleive to not allow the transfer of files over 2 Gb. I was wondering how I format the drive to something else like NTFS so I can transfer humungus files.

    Thanks in advance for letting me know!
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    i believe it's 4Gb limit with fat32.

    if you format in HFS+, i believe you get up to 16Gb. there is a program to read HFS+ on windows machines, can't remember off the top of my head what it is.

    but for greatest compatability, FAT32 is it.

    keep in mind, you could partition it and use different file systems on different partitions.

    edit: this is the program (or one of them at least): HFSExplorer

    oh, and there's MacDisk
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