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    Feb 11, 2007
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    hi guys, just wondering what case to buy.. gimp sleeves look good..
    but what do you use to protect your mac?

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    Nov 04, 2006
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    when my macbook leaves the house, it travles in this (displacing a nintendo DS and games that i bring to work along with whatever i might be reading)...

    it's a medium timbuk2 black messenger bag and it rocks. a lot.
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    Dec 01, 2006
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    the incase sleeve at the apple store is a perfect snug fit.

    i bought one for my new mbp, and it doesnt fit as well
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    Dec 03, 2006
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    I have the 13" Moshi Codex for my Macbook and am very pleased so far. It's slim and rigid but offers great protection without adding too much size. I also have an STM Small Alley Bag which is ok but has a short strap and isn't water tight on the top end.

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    Sep 02, 2006
    i bought a cute little black sleeve at the apple store. it's really, cushioney and i feel like my macbook is safe when i slip it on in there. ;-)
    it's perfect because it's thin. you can just slide your computer in it's sleeve, toss it in your bag and go!

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