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    Feb 25, 2007
    Macbook Memory Upgrade!
    Hi there,

    Currently, I am running a 1.83 macbook with 512 Ram.

    I just want to ask you if its okay to run 256mb ram in one slot and a 1gb in the other slot? Will i expecting any trouble?

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    It will work just fine. I was running the same thing once and you will find a lot of other people around here are using 1.25 as well.

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    i thought that apple says that you should only use pairs of memory and not to mix and match??? like 2x 256 or 2x 512...

    not saying it wont work, i just thought thats what the deal was...

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    Feb 18, 2007
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    I dont see why it wont work. If you have 512 why not just get a 1 gb and run 1.5?

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    I'm running two sticks of 512 right now and plan on buying a 1gb stick in the near future. There's nothing wrong with mixing and matching, my lappy will be more than happy to accommodate the extra 512mbs of memory to work with

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    of course apple won't recommend it, because if there were issues they would probably have to worry about compatibility issues. however, with my desktop PCs i mix and match all the time.
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    For Optimum Best performance use pairs, but not using matched pairs still works fine

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