i have an old Powerbook 500mhz (bronze i think, havn't used it for a while as bought a titanium)... Took clock battery out as it was defunct from sitting unused for so long and havn't replaced it yet. it was having problems with the CD Rom drive so i replaced it and reformatted drive. Put Mac OS 9 on it, then tried to upgrade the OS but could only get to 9.1 without everything playing up. Disabled all extensions and it behaved for a while, though not a very useful machine in this state!
Now it will not boot up, gets half way through and crashes. Used to be able to boot up from install CD in new Drive but now it won't even do that. So this morning put old CD rom drive back in (just in case) and nothing. Tried booting from an old Lacie external drive using command/shift/option/delete even though software not on powerbook. Of course no luck!
I guess its telling me its had enough which seems a shame.
Can anyone help at all?